How to moonwalk on penguinstorm6:Credit to microchip123

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Please use test penguins for this as you WILL get banned if seen
1. download this file (open the file in your browser then click “File” -> “Save As”) and save it in to the same folder as penguin storm
If your having problems with the other link try this zip file
it should look like this

2. open up penguin storm and login and connect to a server

3. open up another copy of penguin storm login AS A DIFFERENT PENGUIN (you will need to use multi-login) and connect to the same server as the first penguin

4. on penguin 2 go any room that penguin 1 is not in.

5. on penguin 1 open up advanced

6. in the SWF FILE box paste in frame.swf?frame=09

7. Click Load SWF

8. on penguin 2 go to the same room as penguin 1

9. you should see penguin 1 moon walking from penguin 2.

to moon walk different directions use the key bellow and change 09 to another number.

people can only see this if they change room.
i dont know how long it will take cp to fix this



Credit to microchip. 

frame.swf?frame=09 change it to frame.swf?frame=10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14 or 15

Tip:When u get banned Press patched id breakout 

Pictures of moonwalking coming soon~ Heatsblast227cp

Thxs Heat for making the site more cooler and Welcome to the Site Heat Party.

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Hey guys. Our new authur Heat just joined as you guys know. He made a lot of chnages to the site. And to make him feel welcomed to the site, I’m making a Welcome to the Site Heat Party. The party is on Friday at 5 p.m. At Johnny’s iggy on sever sleet. Hoep u could coeme.

New adim here

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Yeah new admin here Heatsblast227cp xP ima make cool stuff for johnny Website


Lol Funny Site

Posted in Uncategorized on May 5, 2009 by Johnny950859 Go to this site i just gave you and watch soon after you get bored clikc the button that says “Click For My SWF Page: ).” Hope you enjoy!

New Show on Disney Channel called Jonas Review

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Hey guys. I’m going to start some reviews of some new upcoming shows on Nick and Disney Channel. So for my first review on a show called Jonas I give it a 5/10. The song Nick sang to that girl (I forgot her name!) I give it a 2/10 and the theme song i give it a 7/10.  Hope you enjoy the show. Peace Out

New Header Comming Soon!

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Hey guys.  A few days ago, i removed the header by accident. Wow i screwed up big time. So our auther Jeep will make a new one. So should it say JJSC Cp Cheats  or  Johnny’s Cp Cheats. Tell us by commeting!

New Online Game by Chase

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Hey guys. I have a super fun game called Club Waffle! Its a game by Chase. We still neeed more waffles. So please join at  Have fun!!!!!